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Our Services

We design, install and hire lights and lighting systems for any event from large to small: parties, school shows, corporate, concert and theatrical events. We are more than happy to discuss your needs to make your ideas come to life.

We can provide the following and more:

  • ❧ Generic and intelligent light fixtures - including Martin, Selecon, Robe & Vari Light.
  • ❧ SGM digital and Theatrelight dimmers, both 240v and 110v formats
  • ❧ ShowQuip stage decks (strong and stable, can hold a motor vehicle)
  • ❧ Industry-standard consoles - including Hog, TheatreLight and Pearl
  • ❧ Drawings and CAD renderings of your show
  • ❧ Both dry and party hire

We have considerable experience in large-scale touring concerts and events and we enjoy working alongside our customers to achieve the right result.

Staging & Catwalks

We have one of the largest ranges of staging in New Zealand - at any height, from camera platforms to a 115 metre catwalk. All installations conform to OSH requirements. We can provide the following and more:

  • ❧ ShowQuip stage decks (strong and stable, can hold a motor vehicle)
  • ❧ Certified installations on sloping ground
  • ❧ Handrails, stairs and wheelchair ramps
  • ❧ Risers and rostrums

Come see us, load up your car and erect your own staging for a low-cost DIY alternative.

Production Management

We have the experience (almost a century's worth in our fulltime staff alone) and staff to manage tours and events in local or remote venues or sites - including drivers, wardrobe and all onsite services and consents.

Productions and tours managed by Hang-Up include:

  • ❧ Greenstone Tours
  • ❧ Elton John
  • ❧ Pirates of Penzance
  • ❧ Buddy Holly Nationwide tour
  • ❧ Kaikoura Summer Sounds

... and many more.

Ground Support

We have two large ground supported stage rigging systems. These can provide a rigging and lifting capacity for both sound and light systems within a large marquee structure, in an outdoor concert or event application or a lifting and rigging capability for film applications. Both systems are fully covered with Genlon roof and PVC sides if required.

New to our ground support fleet is a smaller structure that is designed for outdoor stages to hang a lighting rig and give shelter to the performers and equipment. It is constructed of Global truss, providing a strong, easily erected, good looking structure ideal for public parks.


Rigging is our foundation department and our largest. We can provide the following and more:

  • ❧ Black and silver ShowQuip tri-truss
  • ❧ Global F33 tri-truss
  • ❧ ShowQuip large concert truss
  • ❧ 15 metre Global circular box truss - spectacular for corporate events or above a dance floor

Our qualified riggers can fly anything that you need - we can even fly you! All our equipment is rated, regularly tested and serviced by our certified in-house technicians. We also service CM Chain Hoists (1-ton and half-ton).


Hang-Up operates a large resource of specialised and general event crew whose experience covers indoor and outdoor concerts, theatre, film, theming, television, trade display and special events.
We pride ourselves on having a user-friendly, drug free, skilled labour resource with good knowledge of safety, protocols and the event industry. We actively develop our staff baseline skills through incremental in-house practical training modules.

Continuing the "event hire company that other event hire companies use" theme, Hang-Up crew were the backbone of the local international concert scene and found themselves on many corporate, fashion and trade events. Hang-Up crew have been involved with events and shows including: The Foo Fighters, One Direction, Ricky Martin, Billy Idol, Kenny Rogers & Bob Dylan.